Dealing With a Disaster

Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Damage to the residential or commercial property through water, fire, mold or even vandalism can be frustrating and stressful. Not only that, it often happens unexpectedly and at great cost to important investments. Property owners usually expect fire and water damage to occur during dry seasons or rainy weather. While this may sometimes be the case, no one truly knows when disaster will strike. Many do not think about preparing for the possibilities and how to pick up the pieces after the unthinkable has occurred. Most are surprised when a bad weather descends, vandalism strikes or even if unexpected structural changes happen within the home or business.

A Frustrating Situation

Undoubtedly, it is a frustrating and harrowing process handling the aftermath of disaster and effects it can have on a residential or commercial property. Although one needs to contact an insurance company after such incidents, it is recommended to contact an experienced and dependable fire and water damage restoration service. They can help deal with needed repairs and restoration or demolition of affected areas quickly and easily.

All Contractors Are Not the Same

Fire and water damage restoration contractors are not all the same, so it is vital to locate a service that has the knowledge and experience to get things back on track. If you are in the Central Texas area ATEX Water Damage Restoration is a contractor that is honest, reliable and has a reputation within the area for quality service. Be sure that the service has the ability to handle the kind of damage that has occurred, such as fire remediation, water cleanup, and or mold removal.

You’ll Get Help Dealing With Adjusters

Good fire water damage restoration services certainly assist in taking the worry and stress out of residential and commercial property damage. They work within the restoration industry, and not only will help with repairing home or business, but are ready to work with insurance companies and inspectors cut through all the red tape. Although damage and restoration scenarios vary, depending on the type and extent of the disaster, a competent service will take the burden from the client and remove a lot of frustration and worry.

Don’t Wait Get Help Right Away

Fire, flood, wind, and mold causes not only structural damage to a residence or business but can continue to cause more damage in the form of anxiety and unending paperwork. A reputable fire and water damage restoration service can deal with a lot of the stress, and talk to the insurance company and inspectors. This is why it is critical to hire a competent to handle the repair and all the confusing documentation. Do not waste another minute worrying about the next step, contact a restoration company to deal with the situation and make sure the job is complete.


Houston Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Many Small Issues Can Result in Leaks

Commercial flat roofs may suffer from leaks and damage due to flashing issues, seal problems, cracks in the sheathing and poor installation. Ice damming, ponding and leaf debris are also common reasons behind flat roof problems. Repairing your roof will require a thorough inspection to evaluate what repairs, flat roof restoration or complete replacement is needed. You may also need to pull up the existing rubber roofing material to bolster the underlying insulation and re-install rubber shingles and new flashing. Sealing cracks are also helpful in extending roof life if you are using high-quality materials.

Flat Roof Restoration

Commercial flat roof repair is a task that should not be taken lightly. High-quality roofing products should always be used especially if you want a roof that lasts. If quality products are used by an experienced competent contractor we believe that once a repair is completed it will not have to be repeated. A flat roofing repair and ongoing maintenance should save you finances in the long run. The Ure-A-Sil high-performance roof coating system from AWS is the best choice to restore and protect existing flat roofing for all commercial businesses, including hotels, churches, restaurants, business offices, industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, sports and all other types of commercial buildings.

Typical causes of commercial roofing damage:

    • Poor maintenance

  • Weathering
  • Wind damage
  • Improper design
  • Flashing failures
  • Base-flashing problems
  • Bituminous counter flashing problems
  • Metal counter flashing problems
  • Penetration flashing problems
  • Drain flashing problems
  • Gravel stop and metal edge problems
  • Problems with rooftop equipment, signs, braces, and supports.

Fast Commercial Roofing Repairs

Whether you have an emergency leak or your roof just doesn’t look right, get your roof inspected. You can schedule a free no obligation inspection with a Houston roofing contractor.They will diagnose the root cause of your flat roof problems and design an appropriate plan of action. Houston commercial flat roofing experts will know your flat roof inside and out and bring the necessary expertise to perform your roofing repairs right the first time.


What To Do After Your Basement is Flooded?

A Little Preparation Makes a big Difference

Is your basement flooded?  Before you take your next step or decide to start wading through your basement, there are a few things you should consider first. In the event that you find a flood in your basement, you probably aren’t going to have much time to research what steps you should take to mitigate this problem. Instead, you are likely in a panic about potential damages to your home, belongings, and the danger that it could pose for your family members. These are all logical, valid concerns. So, prepare for the unexpected by taking a look at what you should do in the event that your basement is flooded.

  1. Keep family and pets away from the basement –  If possible, try not to allow your family and pets to enter into the flooded area of your basement, as there could be a risk of potential gas leaks, electrical shock and exposure to contaminants (regardless of the source of the water). Depending on the extent of the flooding you might want to remove your family from the home altogether.
  2. Call a local plumber or waterproofing company immediately – Contact a residential plumber in your area and let them know the extent of your emergency. Typically you should attempt to find a plumber that can be at your home within the hour and one that has experience with basement floods.
  3. Do not run any water throughout the house – Because the source of the water may be undetermined, you should not run the washing machine, wash dishes, take a shower or flush the toilet as this could exacerbate the problem.
  4. Call your insurance company – You will want to let your home insurance company know as soon as possible of the events that have taken place within your home. They can help you to determine if you have coverage for the incident, identify contractors to help, assess damages and walk you through the claims process. It is helpful to take pictures of the damages incurred throughout your home and to your belongings, as a means of demonstrating the severity of your loss.
  5. Hire a flooding clean-up crew – While your insurance company might recommend a particular company to work with, you are going to want to hire a flood specializing clean-up company to take care of the water removal.  They can help to salvage your belongings, disinfect the area and attempt to restore your home to its original condition.
  6. Take measures to ensure flooding does not occur again – Once you have identified the cause of your basement flood, you are going to want to take measures to restore and repair your home so that this doesn’t happen again. For some homeowners, this step is as simple as replacing a pipe that burst, while others might have to repair the foundation of their home and install a drainage system outside of it.

While a flooded basement can certainly cause you plenty of grief and stress, be sure that you keep the aforementioned steps and tips in mind when approaching this problem. Panic can sometimes lead you to forget certain important facts about a flood and can certainly put you and your family in danger.

Do It Yourself Is Not Always The Best Idea

Hiring a Professional Company vs. Doing It By Yourself: Which One is better?

So you’ve noticed that few shingles are gone, or there are leaks in your attic. If you think that you can do it by yourself—all the minor roof repairs, then you should think again. Your roof is the one that protects your belongings and family from extreme sunlight and heavy rain. Here is a comparison of hiring a professional Houston metal roofing contractor vs. doing it by you.

Hiring A Professional Company

  • You can save a lot of money in the long run. Because they’ve already established themselves as professional roofers, they will most likely get huge discounts on roofing materials. They also have access to suppliers of high-quality materials, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of materials. You just need to ask for the written documentation that indicates everything they’ve bought.
  • Hiring a professional metal roofing contractor Houston will also ensure your roof repair is complete as soon as possible. They have the right tools, and most of the companies will send a team of three or four roofing contractors to help in completing the job as soon as possible. In that way, your daily routine will not be affected even if they tend to replace the roof.
  • They are professionals in replacing or repairing the roof. Therefore, rest assured that they know the safety measures when they are on top, doing their work. Aside from that, should anything happen to them in the process, the company will be held responsible and not you.

Doing It By Yourself

  • Getting the materials by yourself is costly. Since you are just going to buy it once, the supplier will hesitate to give you huge discounts. They only offer discounts to their regular customers, not walk-ins who will only buy a few materials to repair their roof.
  • You can leave your roof exposed, especially if you have a job. You can’t complete it in a day especially if you are alone or your household members cannot climb the roof and help you. Therefore, you are risking your family and the elements inside by leaving your roof exposed. It will soon become a problem to you, and you’ll realize how important it is to hire a professional roofing company instead.
  • You will risk your safety. Since you are not an expert in repairing or replacing the roof, you are in great danger while you are above because you are probably not aware of the safety precautions you should take while you are working. You don’t want to compromise your safety for a minor roof repair that can be easily done by professionals.

Some Job Should Be Left To The Pros

Now that you know the difference between hiring a professional roofing company and doing it by yourself, you should start looking for professional roofing contractors now. Leave the job to the experts, because they know exactly what to do and how to go about it correctly. Don’t risk both your safety and money in a job that you don’t have any idea how to properly complete.